O&M Management For The 21st Century

The O&M process has not evolved at the same rate as technology, and we have made it our mission to change that.

BuildIQ started with the sole idea of making the entire documentation process as easy, streamlined, and automated as possible. We work on the assumption that those in charge are extremely organized. Our online portal provides real-time updates as well as a rich, customisable, interface to streamline the entire O&M process. Document controllers structure the data how they want, not how someone else dictates.

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Whether you’re planning a project or it’s nearing completion, you need to prepare for asset handover. Too often, O&M manuals are treated as an afterthought, creating additional cost and risk at a critical time in the project. With BuildIQ, you can progressively collate O&M manual documentation during the planning and build phases of projects—making both the handover and ongoing maintenance easier on the developer, asset owner and facility manager.


Some Of Our Features

Control Your Reviews, Approvals and Handover Process

Organize your document repositories like a file system, and even clone the structure accross developments. Our custom drag-and-drop workflow driven process allows for automation of tasks such as assignment, QA and decision making, emailing and scheduling of recurring emails, watermarking, and report generation. Write once, run infinitely.

Ubiquitous Version Control

Any changes to any files are recorded. Get a complete record of all modifications, or download directory or file snapshots to track changes at any point in the build process.

Comprehensive Reporting

Powerful reporting and built-in analytics. Use comprehensive search and filtering functionality, and generate rich, interactive, graphs to display the statistics you care about.


All files encrypted with AES-256. Simple, yet powerful, Contractor and Client management for access restrictions on a per-development, or per-assignment basis. Two factor authentication.

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